Jon's Go Libraries

Note: there is a mix of public and private libraries here.
If see also points to github it's public. Feel free to use it under the terms of the license in the repo.
If see also points to it's probably private (closed source/internal use or not yet ready for public consumption). There's a small chance that I've marked it public and haven't migrated to github so feel free to click and see.

Name Description Import Path Godoc See also
bgp BGP message parsing and helper functions GoDoc
crowd Go API for Atlassian Crowd GoDoc
loginshare Go API for Kayako LoginShare GoDoc
mrt library and utilities for working with the MRT routing information export format GoDoc
platypus Go API for Tucows Platypus GoDoc
routeros Go interface to Mikrotik RouterOS API GoDoc
sor library and utilities for working with the OTDR Data Format (.sor files) GoDoc

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